About Us

Kelson Energy is an independent management company that was founded in 2002 to focus on the U.S. electric power industry. Kelson provides owners and investors with a well-respected and fully capable management team for short and long-term assignments across a wide variety of power businesses and technologies. Kelson specializes in challenging situations including the following:

Asset Management and Acquisitions: Timely and well executed acquisitions and effective asset management often are the keys to making an investment successful.

Restructuring, Turnarounds and Redevelopment: These situations often can benefit from a new management team that can immediately focus on identifying problems and implementing plans to get the business back to profitability.

Project Development and Start-ups:  These opportunities need to have a seasoned and fully functional management platform in place from day one to support rapid growth and to avoid the distractions that often come with implementing new ideas and technology.