Rob Janssen

Mr. Janssen is a Senior Vice President of Kelson Energy and the Chief Commercial Officer for Dogwood Energy, responsible for the commercial, regulatory and legislative activity of Dogwood Energy and is the General Manager of New Athens Generating.  Mr. Janssen has led the effort to monetize Kelson’s remaining ownership interest in the Dogwood Energy Facility, a 650 MW combined cycle generating facility.  Since 2012, nearly two thirds of the Dogwood facility has been sold to five municipal utilities and power agencies in Missouri and Kansas.  Previously, Mr. Janssen was the General Manager of Redbud Energy, a 1,230 MW facility in Oklahoma and managed the sale of the facility to Oklahoma Gas and Electric.  Mr. Janssen also has extensive experience in leading and managing state and federal regulatory processes and in electric market design and implementation.  He played a key role in the roll-out of the Southwest Power Pool’s (SPP’s) energy market, leading the integration of both the Redbud and Dogwood facilities into those markets.  Prior to joining Kelson in 2005, Mr. Janssen held positions with Boston Pacific Company, Inc., an electricity and natural gas industry-consulting firm, as well as with a natural gas local distribution company, UGI Utilities.  Mr. Janssen received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania.  Mr. Janssen also has pursued post graduate work in Business Administration.

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